Product Overview

Get the most out of your

breeding herd

Maximize estrous efficiency in both gilts and sows.

Where do the products act?

  • Focused on all aspects of the reproduction management, the ReproPig® portfolio includes four MSD Animal Health products to fit your needs and maximize estrous efficiency in both gilts and sows.
  • In this platform you will find information to determine which products best fit your needs and when to administer them.
  • With the ReproPig® Management System and these MSD Animal Health products, you will be able to model and review options to enhance the reproductive performances of your breeding herd.

ReproPig® benefits:


*   NPD - Non-Productive Days
    Al- Artificial Insemination
    FTI- Fixed Time of Insermination

Know More
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Regumate® documentation (PDF)
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