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Optimize the reproductive performance of your herds

Helping you succeed in your job is our job. That's why MSD Animal Health has created the ReproPig® Management System

The ReproPig® approach is a unique combination of:

  • A mobile APP to perform audit, evaluate economics and provide the training you need for your farm.
  • A complete and innovative portfolio of products to maximize estrous efficiency in both gilts and sows.

The ReproPig® Management System allows you to explore your herd's reproductive potential, identify key areas of optimization and eventually maximize the reproductive performances with the ReproPig® product portfolio.

Productive + Predictable = Profitable

  1. Audit

It starts with an audit of the farm and the breeding herd. The audit uses data specific to your herd in order to present an objective, bird's-eye view of your operation.

 3. Training

Once data is complete you will recieve customized farm-level training.

  2. Simulators

This section models and calculates the cost:benefit ratio of any recommended intervention. In this section you can also model the ideal structure of your farm and build the calendar of your interventions.

  4. Products

The program also evaluates which ReproPig product best fits your needs to maximize your herd's reproductive efficiency and efficacy

The ReproPig® Approach:

  • Improve uniformity and batch management.
  • Maximize AI logistics, including delivery and scheduling.
  • Reduce NPDs to achieve more pigs/sow/year.
  • Manage workforce and facilities more efficiently.
  • Maximize the reproductive life cycle for more profitability.
  • Increase sow longevity by minimizing culling and replacement rates.
  • Reduce boar semen costs with single fixed-time insemination.

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