ReproPig® Audit Tool

Welcome! to the ReproPig® Audit Tool.

  • As an authorized user of ReproPig®, you will have full access to this tool from your Mobile APP.
  • To get started, farm specifics need to be captured
  • Data for the Farm audit can be entered directly on the mobile APP or be transferred later from a paper copy into the mobile APP.
  • Once entered, data can be saved for future review and benchmarking.
  • The ReproPig® Audit Tool is set up so that a ReproPig® Auditor is linked to a Vet Practice or Production System.
  • If there is more than one ReproPig® Auditor within a Vet Practice or Production System, he will also be able to access the data from other colleague(s).
  • In some cases, a Vet Practice or Production System may only be able to perform a limited number of tests.
  • For any questions concerning the use of the ReproPig® Management System, please contact your local MSD/Merck contact person.

Please install the ReproPig® mobile APP (iOS) from Apple store

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